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Designing a collection of mountain skis for the Dominant brand

Dominant Skis – russian ski brand, the main directions of which were chosen new-school and freeride. Production of skis was carried out in Austria.


To develop a collection of skis for mass production. Target audience: young guys and girls engaged in extreme skiing. Design should be relevant, European and fashionable.


Deep study of European trends in the design of sport products 2012-2013. Search for actual textures, art techniques, drawing a map of colors. Great preparatory work before collection.

The task was to develop 6-8 different designs of skis. Each had its own technical characteristics and purpose. It was decided to start with the most common model Delorme.



    Sports model R1 has a technological design. Straight lines, streamlined shapes, laconic colors create the effect of speed, dynamics, victory.


    Women’s version of mountain skiing Allure. Especially for this design, the artist painted watercolors in combination with plastic graphics.


    Another trend in the design of the season 2012-2013. – a combination of graphics, hand-drawn and color local spots. We successfully applied it in the model Samit.


    Spider – accessible to a wider range of buyers model. Converges in nature with Delorme, has a pronounced line dynamics and color contrast.


    Surreal design of the model Triada with a lot of textures and unusual images also got into the trends of the 2012-13 season.




Отзыв о выполнении работ от Антона (Производитель брендовых горно лыжных аксессуаров DOMINANT).

Антон Цюх
Основатель бренда DOMINANT

Большое спасибо Ольге за неоценимую помощь в создании дизайна горных лыж Dominant. Ольга - это человек-фонтан креативных идей. Она использовала те решения, которые появились у конкурентов только спустя два сезона. Каждый дизайн был уникален и неповторим.

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