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Основатель студии графического дизайна “TA Studio”, Ольга Татаренко.Hello! My name is Olga.
I am a designer with 10 years of experience. Graduated with honors from St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design as a textile designer, and successfully defended diploma in the Department of Ontopsychology at St. Petersburg State University, studying the influence of images in design on the psychology of the consumer.

High requirements to the design level were acquired during working in the manufacturing company “Red Cube” in 2008. And the speed of execution was honed for 5 years of work by the designer of operational graphics at the federal TV.

In 2012 I opened my own design studio. I worked in different areas of design: graphic design, web design, product design and fashion. The results of my latest projects are sold in many stores in major Russian cities. Over the past 3 years I have made over 60 websites and groups in social networks. I created separate collections of clothes and took part in the collection of 2018 Design House in Israel.

I am effective both in teamwork and in individual work.
And I will be glad to your offers for collaboration!

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